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Sick Computer

Is your Computer sick & running slower then it was?

Think it might have a virus?

Had it more than 6 months without a good cleaning?

Wish it ran like it used to or better?

Know something is wrong with your computer but can't figure it out?

Got some tech questions and wish you had someone you could ask? I may not know it all but I can help you find the answers you need!


PC, Network, & Printer Diagnostics, Repairs,

& Tailored made Solutions to Suit your Needs

Remote, On Site, or Pick up & delivery Available in Select Locations

Need Help Setting Up that new Smart home Tech, Security Camera System, or other Gadgets you just got?

Hardware & Software Repair:

Windows, Mac, & Linux (including Apple iOS and Android)

Operating System Logo's

Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer wont Power On?

Laptop Battery wont hold a charge or needs replacement?

Running out of space to save data or not sure how to setup Data Backup & Recovery?

Internet Slow or WiFi not working?

System keeps freezing or Crashing?

Virus & Malware Removal!

Not only will I Find & Remove them but if you would like I will teach you how to keep your system clean with some easy to follow steps & answer any questions you may have to keep your system running smoothly.

Remote & OnSite Spring cleanings.
After all your computer is like a home for your data and clutter can build up slowing down your resources when trying to get around all the mess so let me handle the Spring cleaning for you! (Recommended every 6months.)

Custom Built PC's

Built to requested Specifications

or Purchase one of our

PreAssembled Multiuse Computers


Anisa G.

"I was tired of trying to game on my school laptop since it kept overheating and turning off on me. So I told Kevin about it and how much I could afford on a new one and he sat me down and explained part by part what I needed now to get up and running and what I could upgrade later when I had a little more to spend if I wanted. I've been so satisfied with what I have that I haven't even thought about upgrading yet and it was all on the midrange budget side of things. Best Experience ever!"

Tasha W.

"Kevin was so great! He fixed my all in one over night when it kept crashing one me and didn't even charge me since we are friends so I had to buy him lunch!"

Scott T.

"Thanks for fixing the training class MacOS computer. It wouldn't even start up and it was like new the next morning for class, you're awesome!"

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