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Developer's Notebook

Hi! My name is Kevin and I am the Lead Software Engineer & Content Creator behind everything here @


I have been working on becoming a Self Taught Software Engineer for many years and have learned a lot in that time but the main thing I've learned is that I can't remember everything there is to learn and with so many different technologies to try and keep up with you need a system to organize all that knowledge to make it easier to reference later.

So I've decided to start keeping all of my notes on all the different languages and things you need to know to be a Software Engineer here in my Developer's Notebook.

This will be setup as a quick reference for me to review my notes and resources that I have found and learned along the way but maybe it can help others interested in Software Development find a more stuctured path to follow.

I will be starting by reviewing and refreshing my notes from Web Development because it's how I got into programming and I think it provides a good foundation for learning the more complex programming languages you will be learning later.

An Engineer needs his toolbox so this will serve as a collection of knowledge and tools to serve that purpose.

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More New Resources to be Announced!

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