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Game Development:

Caligo Arts is an Independent Game Studio

Using Unity3D & C# to create Interactive User Environments

I am a Solo Developer currently working on this in my free time but working on financing to become full time ASAP

(If you would like to contribute to the growth of a new Game Studio and have a solid C# Programming, Unity3D, Digital Arts, or Animation background then please contact me at

Tanks for Fun Demo V3.4 Start Menu Ad

Tanks for Fun

Road Rage Edition

Is our 1st Release which is currently out in it's Demo Preview Version on Unity Play

*Requires Mouse & Keyboard.
(No Downloads, Play in Browser.)

Thank You for Playing!
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Check out the Gameplay video below!


Tanks for Fun

Road Rage Edition

Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition Game Play video

Tanks for Fun Demo Epic Game Over Explosions thumbnail

Can you make it? Play Free online @ Unity Play

Game Description:

Ever get road rage bad enough to wish you could just get in a tank and smash into EVERYTHING without the fear of consequences?

Well now's your chance!!!

Have fun & Good Luck!

Drive a tank through populated city area's & traffic!

While smashing through whatever is in your way!

And blowing stuff up with the cannon!

Running over protesters & crushing traffic!

While avoiding getting taken out by the cops and National Guard!

They shoot back!

Rack up a high score by causing the most carnage possible

& don't forget to stay stocked up on fuel or times up!

GamePlay ScreenShots:

Game Design & Development Notes:

You can Play the Concept Prototype @

Concept Prototype: Tanks for Fun thumbnail

Planned Core Game Mechanics:

You Drive a Tank. (Realistic like Tank Driving.)

You can shoot & destroy just about everything with a reloading graphic.

Game Over when time runs out or Tanks armor is destroyed.

You accumulate high score for destroying stuff.

You get a set amount of time to find the Goal to next level.

You collect Fuel to Extend Game Timer that continuously spawns.

Traffic is everywhere, destroy it to get a higher score!

You smash & crush oncoming traffic with explosion effects.

You avoid road hazards to stay alive.

Cops will spawn after a set amount of time & try to kill you.

National Guard Spawns after cops to try to take you out.

More enemies spawn as time goes on.

Please send us an Email at with any Suggestions, Comments, or Feedback

Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition V2
Concept Prototype Features:

Start Menu

Suburb Environment

Player Drives a Tank with manual Gear Shifting.

Traffic thats always in the way but you can blast it for a higher score.

You collect Fuel Power Up's that extend game time, boost health, & Give a higher score.

Gas Main Breaks that have caught fire & are about to explode, 1 shot might do the trick!

Watch out for the cops! They are on a mission to take you out no matter what!

It's Game Over when the timer runs out or enough stuff smashes into you to destroy the Tanks armor.

You Win & have Achieved Victory when you find the goal to the next level & accumulate the highest score possible!

(More Details to be released soon.)

You can Play the Concept Prototype @

Planned Features for
Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition Demo:

Improved Graphics & Visuals.

Pick your Tank scene with 3 options to choose from.

High Score Page to show Rankings

2 Player Versus Mode

City Environment Level

Editable User Options.

PowerUp's that change projectile to proton cannon, flame thrower, etc

(More Details to be released soon.)

Planned Features for
Tanks for Fun Road Rage Edition Full Version:

A Pick your Tank scene with several unlockable options.

2 Player CoOp Mode.

MultiPlayer Battle Royale Mode.

Mall Environment Level

Airport Environment Level

Military Base Environment Level

Implement new levels & vehicles with updates.

Eventually most major cities.

(More Details to be released soon.)


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